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Image by Vlad Chernolyasov

Our Roots

MAURO’s  Family story in the shipping industry since 1950.

The founder of the dynasty was Capt. Giuseppe Mauro who, after having served during the Second World War in the Italian Navy, opened two maritime agencies in the Adriatic coast: one at Ancona another one at Ravenna.

Capt. Mauro, being also a very well known and accredited insurance broker,  introduced many shipowners into the P.& I. world.


The second generation of P.& I. Professionals belonging to MAURO’s Family is represented by Adv. Maurizio Mauro. Son of Capt. Mauro.

Adv. Mauro is the Senior Admiralty Lawyer of MAURO Group and the General Honorary Consul of the Republic of Turkey at Ravenna for the whole region Emilia- Romagna.

Maurizio and his wife Loredana MAURO are the founders of the first truly integrated full service P.& I. Correspondent in Italy, so starting a real unprecedented miscellaneous services.

They have in fact created the Commercial & Legal Correspondent, a very special and unique structure formed by in-house lawyers, consultants and master mariners, spread throughout the main Italian ports.

The third generation of P. & I. Professionals belonging to MAURO’s Dynasty, is represented by Rebecca Mauro Lawyer.

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